Dr. Branch’s Story

Dr. Branch’s extensive study led him to classical homeopathy, chinese medicine and Ayurveda, as a means to help patients achieve integrated health. As he explains:

“Most of us have some idea that health can be a total experience. Treating patients in hospitals as an M.D., I saw the opposite was taking place in real life.”

“Patients would arrive at the hospital on twenty medications, each treating a different condition – or treating a side effect of the previous medication. Different doctors might be taking care of one patient’s numerous conditions with little recognition of the effect of one treatment on another. This is fragmented care where nothing at a deeper level is able to heal.”

“In 1992 I enrolled at the University of Nebraska Medical College. That year a friend introduced me to classical homeopathy. Drawn by its rich history and healing principles, I began to study it in depth. A few months into my study, I started giving homeopathic remedies for colds, flus, and other minor ailments to family, friends, and myself. Although my knowledge was limited then, I had opportunities to witness the incredible healing power of Classical Homeopathy, which could make an illness vanish as if by magic.”

“By the end of my first year in medical school, I had made the commitment to practice classical homeopathy. The drugs I was learning about in medical school were mainly used to suppress symptoms. Classical homeopathy, more than any other treatment system, held the opportunity for real healing, both for the emotions as well as the body.”

“Being healthy without being on long-term prescription medications was what I wanted for myself and those close to me. Why shouldn’t I want it for my patients? Moreover, by using classical homeopathy, I could bring about healing in diseases that could not be touched by western medicine – such as viral illnesses and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.”

“Although only a small percentage of homeopaths are medical doctors, I decided to finish my medical training, including a residency in family practice in Allentown, PA. This part of my training allowed me to see and treat many types of patients and diseases. In addition to treating patients at the family practice clinic and in the hospital, I spent many hours working with psychiatrists, observing surgeons, and delivering babies. I wanted to treat patients from a deep and broad foundation, drawing on any and all sources of medical knowledge.”

“I initially carried on a self-study in classical homeopathy. During my 4th year of medical school, I had the chance to begin my classical homeopathic training in earnest. I used my elective time to travel to Seattle to study with doctors at the Evergreen Clinic for Homeopathic Medicine. During my 2nd and 3rd years of residency, I traveled every couple months to New York City for an extended weekend of Lou Klein’s master clinician course in Homeopathy and began using elective time for taking cases and treating patients with Classical Homeopathy in the family practice clinic. After finishing residency, my study and collaboration with the homeopaths in Mumbai, India began and continues to this day. Everything I do today in my practice springs from learning from their profound insights.”

“In 1999, after finishing my residency, I moved to Madison, WI and opened an integrative medicine practice that included Classical Homeopathy. In 2002, to better accommodate my patients in New York and from throughout the east coast, I also established an office in Manhattan.”

“Although I began my homeopathic study in 1992, it wasn’t until 14 years later, working daily as a classical homeopath, that I arrived at a definite idea of what “real healing” actually meant:

For deep healing to occur you have to treat the body and mind at once and understand exactly how they are connected.

It is that connection that allows physical symptoms to disappear in a lasting and permanent way.”

“Classical homeopathy has taken time, much patience, and much commitment to come to understand. It has rewarded me more than words can express, and in the same way it can come to reward you.”

“I am part of a process that has taken alternative medicine into increasingly sophisticated terrain.”