Homeopathic Interview and Treatment

Initial Classical Homeopathic Treatment

The key to your healing exists within you. When it comes to full healing, putting your experience into words actually carries much more information than lab tests.

If a patient has chronic disease and is dependent upon pharmaceutical drugs, it is possible to begin homeopathic treatment while the patient remains on the medicine. As the homeopathic treatment takes effect, the drugs, in many cases, can be gradually discontinued.


Classical Homeopathic Interview

The first step in treatment is a full Classical Homeopathic Interview that averages 2-3 hours. The Interview may be conducted in person in Dr. Branch’s clinic or via video conference on the internet.

The interview allows Dr. Branch to learn about your emotional and physical symptoms. Each person has a certain “energetic imprint” out of which imbalances spring. Through the initial interview Dr. Branch tracks where your emotional, mental, and physical symptoms come together.

For successful treatment, Dr. Branch must perceive the connection between what you feel in an emotional way and how you sense things in your body. Finding this is in exact way may take more than one interview.  Classical Homeopathy finds the one substance out of 1000s of possible choices in the universe that will fix your problem – the Remedy. As Dr. Branch explains, “My job is to find that substance.”

Because the interviewing process will take you into the feelings that are linked with your physical symptoms, it is important to be gentle and non-judgmental with yourself. You may actually notice during the interview that your physical symptoms and mental-emotional symptoms are closely linked. In the same way, talking about certain difficult emotions may increase your perception of or bring on certain physical symptoms. Being aware that these feelings at some level tie in with your physical symptoms will help you in this process.

After the initial Interview and consultation, Dr. Branch will either choose to study the case further or immediately make a prescription for the Classical Homeopathic Remedy that matches your “energetic imprint.” Occasionally Dr. Branch will determine that additional information is needed from you and may elect to bring you back to continue the Interview or ask you a few questions over the phone. Generally, the Remedy will be prescribed within 10-14 days if it is not prescribed at the conclusion of the Initial Interview.

The Remedy that Dr. Branch prescribes comes in the form of a pill or a drop that is ingested on a therapeutic schedule as determined by Dr. Branch’s evaluation of each patient.