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We admittedly have not been a huge fan of vitamin supplements. We spend too much money on them and the return on our investment is usually not as good as we think. In fact, because of the low digestive vitality of so many of my patients, many people add toxicity to their system through poor supplementation. Don’t be one of them.  You need high standards in production.

We take a few supplements myself and recommend that you do too.  We think we owe it to you to recommend supplements that are the highest standard at the absolute best price.  Rejuvenation Science is the company that does the best job at this. Having met Howard Simon, the president, we know that he has done his due diligence with every product we recommend.  Do not underestimate the potential for low production standards in companies that make our food and supplements!

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Here’s a look at recommended supplements one by one:

Multivitamin.   The wrong multivitamin causes more harm than good. If you are going to take a multivitamin it must be one of very high quality that is easy to digest and metabolize. Otherwise we would not recommend you take one. Our favorite multivitamin, Maximum Vitality from Rejuvenation Science, was rated in the top 1% of 1600 vitamins in an independent study. It easily dissolves in water. Take the recommended dosage each day.   Click here for Rejuvenation Science site.

Krill Oil. This is the essential fatty acid I recommend and it is a critical supplement. Take 1000mg daily. Click here for Rejuvenation Science site.

Vitamin D. This is an important supplement from a weight loss standpoint. Click here for Rejuvenation Science site.

Vitamin C (Camu camu). The camu camu fruit from the amazon is an amazing supplement that has effects on mood as well as immunity.  Containing more vitamin C than any other plant on earth, it is far superior to the vitamin C made in a laboratory. Look for “Camu camu” on the Amazon herb site.   Click here for Amazon Herb site.

Probiotics. Find my recommended human source probiotic at Rejuvenation Science.  Click here for Rejuvenation Science site.

Intestinal cleansing (with liver and bile stimulation). I recommend Fiberzon in the mint form from Amazon Herbs. Once scoop mixed vigorously in water in the morning. The importance of good colon health for weight loss cannot be underestimated. Highly recommended.  Click here for Amazon Herb site.