Use of nutritional or herbal therapies

Holistic Solutions MD has a “whole foods” approach. This is the realm of Kimberly Branch, A.A.D.P in her nutritional practice. Whole foods are far easier for the body to process than processed foods or isolated chemicals or nutrients. Herbs are also whole foods and therefore far easier for the body to handle then isolated pharmaceutical drugs.

From the point of view of the practice, herbs and nutritionals work on a different level than homeopathy, whether classical or complex homeopathy. Nutritional and herbal products can dramaticaly speed recovery and bring greater vitality. Herbs traditionally have been used to bolster the body when it becomes energy deficient in certain organs.

In the case of deeper illnesses, such as cancer or autoimmune disease, herbs and the foods we eat become even more important. Our food supply does not contain the nutrients that it did over a hundred years ago, and good health care needs to bear this in mind.