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Holistic Solutions M.D. provides services for a wide variety of situations and mental and physical conditions.  Dr. Paul Branch’s professional mission is to master the world’s best medicines and bring them to patients with an Integrated approach.

Some patients may simply want preventative health consultations.  Others may need treatment of a chronic illness. Dr. Branch is dedicated to ensuring his patients reach their goals and receive the best possible care.

In a personal and caring setting, Dr. Branch assesses what is working in your unique health situation — and what needs to work better. He will lead you to health choices that address your unique imbalances.

There are different paths you may take when consulting our practice.

  • Initial Holistic medicine appointment:  This is closest to a standard doctor’s office visit. Using advanced assessments, it takes an inventory of a your overall state of health, your strengths and weaknesses, and how to correct any imbalances you have developed.  It can be an entry point for those needing deeper treatment.  The work-up determines needed interventions such as nutritional, herbal and lifestyle recommendations, as well as additional therapies such as acupuncture or in-depth dietary counseling.
  • Classical Homeopathy: This is for most chronic physical disease and mental health conditions. In addition to Classical Homeopathy Dr. Branch may use other medical viewpoints to address the underlying roots of the imbalance and produce a lasting cure.

•       Anti-Aging & Preventive Medicine: All preventive care involves the best anti-aging medicine using a Holistic framework that may include nutritional medicine, advanced hormonal medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement, Chinese medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine.

Patients new to integrative medicine and classical homeopathy have found Dr. Branch’s treatment to be less expensive overall than the health care options they were previously using because it results in fewer visits to doctor’s offices and less money spent on prescriptions.

Holistic Solutions M.D. also offers Nutritional and Weight Loss Consultation and Management with Kimberly Branch, AADP, who is a certified Ayurvedic Holistic Health Counselor and a whole foods nutritionist. Dr. Paul Branch may be involved in consultations and treatment as needed.

Nutritional Consultation

Weight loss

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