Examples of Classical Homeopathic Treatments

Classical Homeopathic Remedies are prescribed by Dr. Branch and prepared by world-class homeopathic pharmacies.

There are literally thousands of Remedies to consider and prescribe. Examples include:

Cantharis:  If a patient shows symptoms of blisters on their hands or feet, the Remedy may be Cantharis, which is a caustic substance that causes blistering.

Calendula:  Many women use calendula ointment before or after childbirth when preparing to breast feed their newborns.

Diamond:  The patients I have had of Diamond, (Adamas in homeopathy) mirror the substance in all ways in their life.  For example, they often are at the pinnacle of an organization (like a “diamond executive” in a multi-level marketing group).  The substance itself is formed when common carbon is subjected to extreme pressure over time, and so it is with the homeopathic state of diamond – a common man, feeling the extreme pressure of life and reacting to it, rises to the top and becomes something exceptional.  Physical pathologies dovetail with this. For example, one cured case in my practice where Diamond was the Remedy was a case of kidney stones that produced sensations of cutting.

Arnica:  Arnica is one of the best-known homeopathic Remedies.  Even some plastic surgeons have knowledge of Arnica’s incredible healing power to resolve bruising.  As a Classical Homeopathic prescription, it may apply to bruising at the level of the body, but it equally applies to bruising (i.e. trauma) at the level of the mind.  People who need Arnica easily feel humiliated and are easily hurt by others.  Important is how they describe the trauma or injuries they receive, because there are many Remedies for trauma in homeopathy.

Capsaicin:  The burning sensation that capsaicin produces reduces the sensation of pain.  This is a case of homeopathy crossing over into the mainstream, because those who suffer from arthritis commonly use topical capsaicin creams to reduce local inflammation (burning) in joints.

Coffea:  Coffea, the coffee bean, is an important remedy in homeopathy.  Using the “Like Cures Like” law, one could deduce that people who need homeopathic coffea might suffer from sleeplessness, particularly an inability to shut off the mind from an endless flow of ideas.