Complex or Chronic Cases

In deep or complex illnesses, such as chronic fatigue, conditions that have persisted over years, or other cases of weakened vitality, the curative process may be gradual and interaction with Dr. Branch may need to be more frequent. During the course of treatment, old sets of symptoms may come up, but because you are healthier, they won’t be as severe as in the past. We believe that even hereditary disposition to a condition or disease can be eliminated with Classical Homeopathy.

Recurring Symptoms

If you had a strongly curative response to a Remedy and then after, say, 2-6 months or at any time after treatment a relapse seems to occur, we usually recommend waiting 2-3 weeks in order to see if your system doesn’t just rebalance itself.

If symptoms come on strongly, an immediate consultation may be recommended.

If the rebalancing does not occur after the 2-3 week period, then a repeat of the Remedy may be necessary. In that case an appointment or a phone call would be appropriate.

Don’t be disappointed or discouraged at this point and feel that Classical Homeopathy is not working for you. This is just a temporary and sometimes expected phase of getting you to a consistent level of good health. It may mean that a slight adjustment is needed in your Remedy.